The Action Plan steps below were derived from the results of the survey completed in the spring of 2014.
The links to two reports from the survey are provided here:
Down East Results                                Down East Summary Report

Action:  Develop roads improvement plan (Lillie & Mark)  

  • Will coordinate with the county planner to write a resolution in support of a road project between East Carteret corner and Harkers Island Road
  • Hwy 12/70 from Cedar Island and Atlantic to East Carteret will be resurfaced this year with asphalt.  Scheduled for approximately July 2015  (February 2, 2015)

Action:  Develop plan for support for commercial fishing community (Barbara)  

  • Applied for the Preserve America grant to promote a "seafood trail"   (February 2, 2015)

Action:  Develop plan for more seafood retail opportunities (open air market, local food council, Carteret food council, etc.) 

  • (Barbara)Discussing opportunities of having a market at Lookout Grocery  (January5, 2015)
  • A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the details of having a market beginning spring 2015  (February 2, 2015)

Action:  Mariners Park (Sea Level) revitalization (Brenda)

  • Discussion with Danny Styron, member of the Parks & Recreation Board to explore opportunities for the park  (January 5, 2015)
  • The county hopes the park will be utilized this year, 2015.  (Feb. 2, 2015)

Action:  Develop a community website (Lillie/James)  

  • he website is active (  
  • nyone wanting to submit information, articles or stories is asked to contact Lillie Chadwick Miller.  We need more people involved from each community. (Feb. 2, 2015)

 Action:  Add resources/links on DEC facebook page (Lillie/James)

  • Announcements and information are being posted  (Feb. 2, 2015)

 Action:  Organize a community clean sweep (Tom)  

  • Tom Hesselink will be organizing a community sweep at the designated time
  • October is the month in which "community clean sweep" generally is scheduled.  (February 2, 2015)
  • Suggested that the council "Adopt a Highway" along a portion of Hwy 70 in the Down East area.    (February 2, 2015)

 Action:  Facilitate prescription drug drop off locations (Anthony)  

  • Coordinate with Sheriff Asa Buck and the event in Morehead City
  • Anthony Nelson is waiting to hear back from the Sheriff's office about coordinating this event  (Feb. 2, 2015)

 Action:  DE training/education initiative (Mark)

Other Important Issues

  • Disposal of electronic items
    Presently there are no receptacles available in the Down East where residents can dispose of electronic items, such as computers, tv's, etc. The Council submitted a request to Russell Overman, county manager, about the possibility of having receptacles available at each of the Waste Disposal sites Down East for this purpose.  We are still waiting to hear from the county manager.  (Feb. 2, 2015)