Blessing of The Fleet 2017

2017 marks the 20th year for what has now become a sacred tradition for the fishing families of Down East and Carteret County ... The Blessing of the Fleet.

We invite you to join us once again to show honor and appreciation for the men and women who bring our seafood to the dock and to remember our fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles who are a proud part of this industry.

Sunday, October 8 - NC State Port - 10 am

The Bridge Downeast: Health and Wellness Program

Tuesday, October 3rd at 6:30 pm.  Carteret County Health Department will present a health and wellness program at The Bridge Downeast Ramsey Center in Harkers Island.  Join us for an opportunity to learn more about how to Reduce your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer.  Prevention is Better than a Cure!  Contact Susan McNamara at The Bridge Downeast – 252-504-2581 or email at with questions and for reservations.  This is a free program – Refreshments will be provided.

Community Night at the Museum!

Monday, September 25 is Atlantic-Cedar Island Community Night at Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center.  A covered-dish meal begins at 6:00 pm and the program at 7:00 pmRodney Kemp will lead the discussion!

Also - bring your family photos to be included in the Photo Archive Project that the museum is hosting!  Lillie Chadwick Miller will be available to scan your photos and return them to you prior to the end of the program!


Core Sound Museum is still collecting family and community photos!  Lillie Chadwick Miller is heading this project and is in the process of contacting Down East residents and anyone with connections to Down East to see if they have photos they would like to have scanned and used in the photo archive.  All photos will be returned to the owners.

Individuals can contact Lillie personally at 252-728-4566 or  Another opportunity to share your photos will be at each of the community nights held at the museum.  The next community night is Monday, September 11 (which was rescheduled from August 28) featuring Diamond City. 

So gather up your photos and carry them with you to the community night.  Lillie will scan your photos and return them to you before the end of the program.

The next community nights are:

September 25:     Atlantic and Cedar Island
October 23:          Promise Land
November 27:      Harkers Island

RESCHEDULED - DIAMOND CITY Community Night at the Museum Is On!

Monday night will be the Diamond City Community Night at the museum - rescheduled from August 28.

Make your plans now to join folks at Core Sound Waterfowl Museum to celebrate and learn about Diamond City on Monday, September 11.

The evening begins with a covered-dish meal at 6:00 pm with the program to follow at 7:00 pm.  The program will be led by Rodney Kemp.  As always, input from the those attending is encouraged!!

ALSO - - Lillie Chadwick Miller will be available to scan any photos from your community or Diamond City!  She will scan the photos and return them to you prior to leaving the event!



"In Harm's Way" - Storm Photos Project

Call for Storm Photos

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center is collecting hurricane photos from families, organizations and local archives as part of their "In Harm's Way" research project.

 This collection of historic and recent photographs will be part of the museum's exhibition documenting and examining traditional communities response to hurricanes over the years.  The themes of "Response, Recovery, Resilience" will guide the exhibition (opening January 2018) bringing together images, documents and objects from Hatteras Island, Ocracoke and Down East Carteret County to tell the stories of these storms and our community's strength in weathering and recovering from these occurrences across the past generations.

 An interactive online timeline of storm history (beginning with the storms of 1896 and 1899 with archive photographs, oral histories, newspaper clippings and research from family collections, local libraries, state archives and federal agencies. Volunteers are needed to help research and locate materials for this exhibit project.

 Photographers are especially needed to share their photos from recent storms and to help us document the changing landscape of coastal communities as residents prepare for the next storm season reflected by changing building codes, elevating homes and local government preparation.

 "In Harm's Way" is a joint project with Long Island Traditions, an organization that "documents and preserves Long Island's contemporary maritime and farming culture through the region" of Long Island (NY), where communities are documenting their own storm stories, in particular their response and recovery from Super Hurricane Sandy.  Each exhibition will compare and contrast traditional communities in both regions, exploring common practices, shared attitudes and cultural resilience in the face of these natural processes.

 Anyone with storm photos, clippings, artifacts or ideas is invited to contact the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center, 252.728.1500, and talk with Pam Morris, or email 

A Photojournalism Workshop

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum's Coastal Voices will offer a half-day workshop, "Telling Stories Through Images and Voices" on Sunday, October 1. The program will present learning opportunities for local photographers and community historians to gain skills in best practices in photojournalism, interviewing and storytelling. 

Special guests from the NC Newsroom Cooperative, along with Baxter Miller, Ryan Stancil, Barbara Garrity-Blake and others from across the region will lead the presentations.  This workshop is part of the Core Sound Museum's "In Harm's Way" project that will include an exhibition and online research archive of storm history.  The museum is now collecting family photographs from storms and weather events, as well as oral histories, documents and artifacts from hurricanes that have shaped our local communities.

 This workshop is free and open to all who are interested. The Coastal Voices oral history team is always looking for new participants to contribute to Core Sound Museum collections, seasoned participants to refresh their skills, and folks who are simply interested in oral history and photography.

The workshop will take place at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center on Harkers Island. Lunch will be provided.  Limited overnight accommodations are available if needed.  For more information, please email your questions to or contact Pam Morris at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center (252-728-1500) to learn more.

 Also, check out our freshly launched project called "The Rising," which will document people's experiences with environmental and climatic change.



Down East Council Meeting

Down East Council will meet Tuesday night, September 5, at 7:00 pm at the Williston United Methodist Church fellowship hall.

All Down East residents are encouraged to attend as the group addresses needs in our communities.  Barbara Blake, chairperson, will lead the group in discussion about specific area needs, a proposal to from the Mountain to Sea Trail project, as well as other topics that attendees may bring to the table.

Please pass the word about the meeting!


The Photo Archive Project continues as a huge project for Core Sound Waterfowl Museum.  The museum is collecting old/not so old photos from all Down East communities.  The photos will be in an archive that will be accessible to anyone wanting to view the photos or perhaps use the photos in projects about the history of Down East.

Lillie Chadwick Miller is helping to lead this project.  She is currently scanning photos and collecting as much information as possible about each, such as the names of persons in the photo, location and dates. 

If you have photos you would be willing to contribute to the project, please contact Lillie at 252-728-4566 or email her at

Lillie will also be able at each of the Community Night events held at Core Sound Waterfowl Museum.  The next community night is Monday, August 28 beginning with a covered dish meal at6:00 pm with the program beginning at 8:00 pm.  She will scan the photos during the program and return them to you before you leave. 

Be part of the event Monday night as well as adding your family photos to the project!
Bring your photos from any and all Down East communities!!!

The remaining Community Night events are:

September 25:  Atlantic - Cedar Island
October 23:       Promise Land
November 27:   Harkers Island


Want to volunteer with Down East Meals on Wheels

Down East Meals on Wheels has been delivering meals since 2012.  There are three regions in our Down East area:  Straits Region (Harkers Island, Straits, Gloucester, Otway and Bettie), Smyrna Region:  Smyrna, Marshallberg, Williston, Davis) and Atlantic Region (Stacy, Sea Level, Atlantic and Cedar Island). 

The Straits Region is looking for volunteers to help deliver meals - primarily Thursday and Saturdays - but other days of the week are options as well. 

We deliver meals Monday through Saturday at between 11:00 am and noon.  It takes approximately one hour to make all the deliveries. 

If you have one hour or more a month that you could donate to Meals on Wheels, please contact Lillie Chadwick Miller at 252-728-4566.  It really is a rewarding experience!

Also, if you are interested in either of the other two regions, contact Lillie as well and she will give you the contact info!

The Bridge Downeast After-School Program Enrollment

The Bridge Downeast is a non-profit organization that seeks to have a positive impact on the Down East community by offering a variety of programs throughout the year. During the school year and summer break, The Bridge Downeast offers a 21st CCLC after-school and summer program. Thoughout the year, The Bridge is open on weekends as a safe and fun hang out for local teens.

The Bridge Downeast has opened enrollment for their afterschool program.  If you are interested in sending your child registration forms are available at your child’s school.  Check in the office.  For more information contact Pam Morris at or call 504-2581.

PLANTING DAY at Core Sound Museum!

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center is working on a huge project - a wetlands restoration project.  They really need your help!!

The wetland restoration project is happening this week and on Friday, June 16, they will be PLANTING hundreds (yes, hundreds) of grasses, native plants, etc.

This is a project that Charles Jones was working on prior to his passing, so it is an important project for many, many reasons. Will you help the museum finish this beautiful new learning place (and natural water quality protection system) on their museum site?

They need lots of helpers ... of all kinds/sizes/ages.

The engineer will be onsite to direct those working and Carolyn Hoss, our lead Master Gardener, will be there to help, but they need lots of hands to make this happen in a day ... RAIN OR SHINE.

Can you help? Lots of little plants need lots of little hands !!!

8 am until it is done!

Bring whatever planting equipment you might have .. or they will supply. Water, snacks and lunch provided.

"At the End of the Road"

Pass the word ... and let them know if you have a few hours to share !!!

Thanks to Duke Energy for funding for this project ant Cape Lookout National Seashore for their partnership.


Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary June 23 - 24.  During these years, many people have contributed to the museum's growth and the contribution the museum has made to the Down East communities. 

Make plans now to join the celebration!  It will definitely be another great even at "The End of The Road!"

The weekend schedule is below:


Friday, June 23 – Core Sound’s 25th Celebration Begins

6 PM | 25th Anniversary Gallery Reception

7 PM | Purcell & Helen Jones Heritage Gallery Dedication & Recognition of Purcell’s Circle Members

7:15 PM | Exhibition Opening, Ribbon Cutting, & ”This is Core Sound” Film Preview 

7:30 PM |  Documentary Premiere of Core Values: Reflections on Core Sound Duck Hunting and Decoy Traditions


Saturday, June 24 – Core Sound Community Day

7:15AM - 1 PM | Kent Hood Superior Craftsmanship Competition

8:30AM - 11:30 AM | Core Sound Rig of Six Competition (10am, Competition at Shell Point)

9AM - 6PM |  Arts & Crafts – ENC’s Finest Art, Decoys, Photography, Model Boats, Collectibles

9AM - 6PM |  Health Screenings Provided by Carteret Health Care

10AM | Core Sound Anniversary Welcome – Recognition of Anniversary Sponsors

10AM - 6 PM |  “Building a Place for the People” Anniversary Exhibition Open All Day

10AM - 6 PM | Antiques (Waterfowling) Roadshow: Hosted by the NC Decoy Collectors Association
                         Decoy and Hunting Artifact Identification and Appraisals

10 AM - 6 PM | Gift Shop Porch Sale & Book Signings

10 AM - 6 PM | Children’s Science Learning Activities

11 AM | Tribute to Harkers Island’s Legendary Ivey Scott, Fiddler and Others

11:30-6 | Carteret Co Fishermen:  Fresh Core Sound Shrimp burgers and hot dogs

11:30-6  | Core Sound Crew – Core Sound’s original SWEET PUPPIES

12-6 | Harkers Island Traditional Music – Celebrating the Scott-Rose Family

1PM | North Carolina Working Shorebird Program

2-3 | IWCA-Style Decoy Competition (float tank)

3:30 | All Decoy Competition Winners Announced


Scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I saw this beautiful picture of a horse.  Intrigued, I definitely read the story attached to it.  Anyone living in or near Carteret County knows the majestic nature of the horses that live each and every day on Carrot Island or Shackleford; and so I felt compelled to share. 

The below article was written by Jared Lloyd, who is by the photos I've viewed, is a wonderful photographer.  This account about a stallion on Carrot Island describes portions of the life of this wild horse, named Wavelength.  Wavelength  lived on Carrot Island, which is part of the Rachel Carson Reserve in Beaufort, NC.    Another part of the story, was told to me by Margaret Haskovec Harper.  Margaret is another great nature photographer and she and a friend found Wavelength hours before his passing.  Thanks to Margaret for pointing out this story to me and to Jared for his permission in allowing me to post. 

Lillie Chadwick Miller


For those of you who have spent time out on the coast of North Carolina photographing wild horses with me, I have sad news to report.

Wavelength is dead.

Since I began photographing this population of wild horses, this stallion has reigned supreme on his island and has been the focus of much of my work there. He has been featured in magazines across the world, and images of him hang in homes and businesses all over this country.

In 2015 Wavelength was injured in a fight with another stallion I call Cyclops because he has only one eye.  The fight, like most between stallions, was over a band of mares.  During the initial chase, it was obvious that Wavelength had been injured.  The fight took place in an area that is dominated by soft mud and vast stretches of submerged oyster beds. 

Cyclops kept up his attempts to steal the harem over the next several days forcing an injured Wavelength to stay constantly on the defensive until finally, completely exhausted, the other stallion got the better of him.

We watched the entire thing unfold over several days.

For the next year, the rivalry continued.  One day Wavelength had control over his old band.  The next, Cyclops.  But every time I saw Wavelength, he was skinnier with less and less muscle mass. 

Finally, a few weeks ago Wavelength went down and couldn’t get back up again.  Though still alive, he laid there suffering unable to stand, unable to eat.  And so the decision was made that the humane thing to do for Wavelength was to end his suffering.

The reserve manager told me that they were not exactly sure how old Wavelength was, but that he was between 20-25 years old.  This is extraordinary for a wild horse. And especially for a stallion that is forced to regularly do battle with younger upstarts for the right to breed.

While alive, Wavelength was the master of all he surveyed.  His was a world of blue horizons and crimson sunsets.  A landscape dictated by the phases of the moon and the ebb and flow of tides.  He weathered hurricanes that literally swept other horses from the islands to their death.

This is my eulogy, not for just a wild horse, but for a friend.  A creature that I admired.  That I respected.  That I spent countless hours watching, photographing, and learning from.

You will be missed Wavelength.

Rest in peace.

Children's Summer Reading Program 2017

The Down East Public Library will host a Children's Summer Reading Program with registration beginning in June 12.  The reading program will conclude August 5.  Below provides information about the program and other events held at the library:

Age Groups
PreK Program:  0-5 years old
Primary Program:  6-8 years old
Intermediate:  9-12 years old

Time Logs
*Reading logs may be turned in weekly for prizes

Story Time
Story Time at the Down East Public Library will continue for children ages 2-5 on Mondays at   
10 am throughout the summer.  Registration is requested by calling the library in advance at 252-728-1333
Special events are scheduled during Story Time on June 19 and July 17
     June 19:  "Sea Turtles, Alligators and Snakes, Oh My!!"  All Ages

    June 26:  2-4 pm:  "Drones for Science"  Grades 6-8
   July 10:  3-5 pm"Decoy Painting"  Grades 6-8
   July 17:  10 am"Introduction to Martial Arts"  Grades 2-5
   July 17:  11:30 am"Introduction to Martial Arts"  Ages 6+
   July 21:  3 pm"Basics of Fiberglass Boat Lamination"  Grades 6-8
   July 24:  2 pm"Programming Robots"  Grades 3-5
   July 26:  3-5 pm"Decoy Painting"  Grades 3-5

Tales & Tails
The library will be continuing their R.EAD. program with Myia, their reading therapy dog throughout the summer.  Myia will be at the library June 23 and July 28 from 3:30 - 5:30 pm.

You can sign up at the library to read with her.