There's a storm a'brewin Down East!

There’s a storm a’brewin!  It started a few weeks ago and in all honesty, it’s only gaining strength – looks like Cat 5 is a huge possibility!  This storm began in Kinston where the general manager of the new minor league team is getting ready to play ball.  The team leadership is preparing to name the team “Down East ‘something.’”  Once this story hit the newspapers and airwaves, Down East residents, as well as residents in Kinston, began questioning and making waves about this name choice.  The folks of Kinston are upset!  The folks Down East are upset!  But the team management doesn’t seem to be showing signs of weakening their resolve to keep “Down East” in their name.


The momentum is strengthening Down East.  Everyone seems to agree, Kinston is definitely NOT Down East; Down East is not a regional area; Kinston is not represented by the heritage and culture of Down East.  The management of the new ball team needs to make a course change and look for a name for the team that represents not only Kinston but the entire region that would support the ball team.  Our voices are being heard – let’s keep this up! 


Check out the new facebook page, link here, and “like” the page so you will have access to updates!   So what can you do to help?  Sign a petition, which can be found in many of our local businesses.  You can also sign the online petition at:  Down East IS.   You can write Letters to the Editor, and you can tell your friends and family about the petitions. 

Coming soon, we hope to be on twitter to keep this movement going even stronger!!   We don't want to dilute our area, heritage and culture by "Down East" being used in ways that does not truly represent us!