There's Something About Core Sound

Core Sound - there is something about this place, isn't there?  When we stop and reflect on this place we call home, we think of so many happy times, families and memories, and livelihoods that have been part of our heritage for several hundred years. 

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center is doing their part is helping preserve this history and culture.  If you haven't visited the museum, you have truly missed out on a great experience.  So make it a date and visit soon!

One way in which the museum is preserving our history is by telling our stories.  As part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, short vignettes will be presented throughout the year that tell the people and their communities.  If you haven't viewed any of these vignettes so far, you can see them here on our website, as well as Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center's website.   They are well worth your time!!