Quarter Cent Sales and Use Tax Referendum

Carteret County will have a referendum on the ballot in November.  This referendum will ask citizens to vote YES or NO on the referendum that would increase sales and use tax by one quarter cent.

If the referendum passes, the funds raised by the increase in sales and use tax would go directly toward dredging and maintenance of waterways in Carteret County.  The Board of Commissioners resolved in a August 15, 2016 resolution to designate funds raised through the Article 46 one-quarter cent sales and use tax to accomplish the following:  "The Board of Commissioners intends to allocate Article 46 one-quarter cent County sales tax proceeds for waterway dredging and maintenance and has appointed a waterway management board to prioritize the need for these purposes and administer the funds to accomplish the waterway dredging and maintenance.

The attached document provides frequently asked questions and answers that should clarify any questions you may have about this referendum.   To access the "frequently asked questions", click here.

Please remember that the ballot will not include an explanation of the referendum and what the funds would be used for.  So educate yourself now and be ready on election day to cast your vote.