Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola to Host Celebration in New Bern

New Bern, NC:  On Wednesday, May 3rd, the Birthplace of Pepsi, the actual site where Pepsi-Cola was invented by Caleb Bradham in 1898, will host a celebration in recognition of the annual Stockholders meeting taking place in historic New Bern, NC.  The PepsiCo meeting also coincides with Bradham’s 150th birthday. 

“Being one of the world’s largest international companies, PepsiCo could go anywhere for their meeting, but they choose to come back to New Bern,” stated Sabrina Bengel, Managing Partner of the Birthplace of Pepsi.  “I think this really showcases the respect they feel for the history and integrity of their brand.  The fact that the meeting is taking place around Caleb Bradham’s 150th birthday makes it even more special.” 

From 1 to 4pm on Wednesday, May 3rd, visitors to the Birthplace can view the original recipe book that once belonged to Bradham, on loan from the Tryon Palace Collection. This notebook contains detailed, handwritten notes for a variety of drink recipes as well as formulas ranging from “Camp Bryan Mange Lotion” and “Skeeter-Get!” to “Smell Sweet” and “India Skin Lotion.”  Guests will also receive a complimentary 6oz Pepsi, the original size sold by Bradham, and a cookie while supplies last.

For those visiting New Bern on Memorial Day weekend, there will be a second celebration on Bradham’s actual birthday, May 27th, from 10am until 4pm.  Guests can enjoy free birthday cake and a Pepsi for only a nickel.

The Birthplace of Pepsi is located at 256 Middle Street in New Bern, NC.  To learn more, please visit or follow us on Facebook at