Want to volunteer with Down East Meals on Wheels

Down East Meals on Wheels has been delivering meals since 2012.  There are three regions in our Down East area:  Straits Region (Harkers Island, Straits, Gloucester, Otway and Bettie), Smyrna Region:  Smyrna, Marshallberg, Williston, Davis) and Atlantic Region (Stacy, Sea Level, Atlantic and Cedar Island). 

The Straits Region is looking for volunteers to help deliver meals - primarily Thursday and Saturdays - but other days of the week are options as well. 

We deliver meals Monday through Saturday at between 11:00 am and noon.  It takes approximately one hour to make all the deliveries. 

If you have one hour or more a month that you could donate to Meals on Wheels, please contact Lillie Chadwick Miller at 252-728-4566.  It really is a rewarding experience!

Also, if you are interested in either of the other two regions, contact Lillie as well and she will give you the contact info!