Core Sound Waterfowl Museum is Asking For Volunteers!

The next chapter of the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center's history is about to begin.

Come be a part of it!

On November 1, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center will open their Downtown Morehead Center location at 806 Arendell Street and begin welcoming guests to the museum's temporary office and visitors center "at the end of the road."

Both locations will be important parts of rebuilding our museum and keeping

Core Sound's work moving forward!

Would you be willing to help volunteer at either location? 

The museum will be hosting a "greeters meeting" at the Museum at 10:00 am Monday, October 29. They are already making plans for Waterfowl Weekend and there's much work to do and lots of folks to talk to. They will be open there as many days as they can cover with staff and volunteers! Folks are coming to visit and now they have lots of questions and we have work to do!

The museum needs all of their friends in town who can help with the new gift shop location to meet with them at 2:00 pm on Monday, October 29 to discuss how you help with all the exciting holiday events happening at 806 Arendell, starting November 1 with their annual 25% off CRABPOT TREE SALE.

There will be their Christmas Open House on November 17 - their Thanksgiving Weekend Sales -and all the events that Downtown MHC folks have asked them to be part of! They have lots of decorating to do, shirts to fold and merchandise to price -- and most importantly, wonderful people to talk to about all their plans for Waterfowl Weekend "at the end of the road" and the museum's progress toward reopening in the spring!

ALL OF YOU know how important volunteers have always been to their work and now that's even more true. They need your help, encouragement and support! 

Message Karen Amspacher, or give Deb a call (728-1500) and let them know you're coming! This is going to be the best Core Sound Christmas ever - no matter what!