Harm's Way Exhibition to Open Thursday, June 21 at Core Sound Museum

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center announces the opening of Harm's Way:  How Storms Have Shaped Our Communities, Our History and Us. 

Everyone is invited to attend and are encouraged to bring family and friends!  An exhibition viewing and time to visit begins at 6:00 pm along with a covered dish meal.  The opening is Thursday, June 21 with the program beginning at 7:00 pm.  

The program consists of community leaders, storytellers and historians as they share memories of Isabel, Donna, Hazel, Irene and what they have been told about the Storm of '33 and '44 and the Big Storm that broke up the community of Diamond City.

Special Guests from Long Island, NY will be here to share their stories from Super Storm Sandy and how their communities responded and how they are still recovering.
Questions to be asked are "How have things changed, and how have they remained the same?" -   What is it like to "lose it all"?  And, how are we better prepared for the next?

Read/Listen/Remember:  www.harmswaystormstories.com <http://www.harmswaystormstories.com>  <http://www.harmswaystormstories.com <http://www.harmswaystormstories.com> >

A message from the museum - -

All are welcome!  
Bring a Friend (All of them)  ...
Bring a Dish (If you have time, there will be plenty!) ...

Most of all .. Bring Your Stories!