Diamond City Homecoming

Save the date ... Saturday, August 17, 2019

This year’s celebration will be bringing together the families of Shackleford Banks who migrated to Salter Path, Promise Land and Harkers Island ~ Down East to celebrate the120th Anniversary of the Storm of '1899 that drove their Shackleford Banks ancestors to higher ground.

First project --- looking for pictures of Diamond City residents. Any images you have - even after they have moved to the mainland will be greatly appreciated. Contact the museum, of visit their Facebook page, to provide the photo(s) with names, dates, locations, etc.

The video from the 2014 Diamond City Homecoming is in production. The museum will have those by early summer.

The museum will be calling a meeting soon to plan the day. They know they are going back to Wade's Shore Cemetery and the Cape. Contact Karen Amspacher with your ideas.

“120 years later and we are all still "going home to a place we never lived before" but we know who we are and where we come from!”

More details will be coming soon - but put AUGUST 17 on your calendar!