Community Nights at Core Sound Museum

Community Nights are back at Core Sound Museum!  The first community night was held January 23 featuring Davis Shore led by historian, Rodney Kemp.  The next community night will be held Monday, February 27 featuring Salter Path!

A covered-dish meal will begin at 6:00 pm following by the community discussion at 7:00 pm

Please spread the word!  These community nights have been well attended and enjoyed by all. 

The calendar for the remainder of 2017 is as follows:

March 27:  Williston - Smyrna - Marshallberg
April 24:  Portsmouth
May 22:  Stacy - Sea Level
June 26: Otway - Bettie
July 24:  Straits - Gloucester
August 28: Diamond City
September 25:  Atlantic - Cedar Island
October 23:  Promise Land
November 27:  Harkers Island