Repairs Are Being Made on the Straits Fishing Pier

Looks like the Straits Fishing Pier is getting the needed repairs as a crew was seen working today.   The pier sustained damage during Hurricane Matthew which put the use of the pier out of commission.   The fishing pier is located across from the Straits Landing Boat Ramp. 

The fishing pier has been a very positive recreational fishing area.  Throughout the year, fishermen, young and old, male and female, have enjoyed hours of fishing on the pier.  Down East Kayaks and TackleCo. has been fielding phone calls recently as people havebeen inquiring into whether the pier was open! 

Thanks to the Carteret County Parks & Recreational Department for maintaining the facility.  It is greatest appreciated and used by many. 

A guard light was installed last summer to provide lighting during evening hours.  Down East Council was instrumental in helping to coordinate efforts with Carteret-Craven EMC and the county to get the light installed.