It's time to RAISE OUR ROOF!

Below is a message from Core Sound Museum & Heritage Center. The museum suffered substantial damage during Hurricane Florence, with the roof. If you can help with this project by making a monetary donation, the museum will be greatly appreciative.

Our insurance WILL be paying for a shingle roof replacement - but that just doesn't work down here "at the end of the road" now, so we're making sure we are ready for the next storm with a COMMERCIAL-GRADE METAL ROOF! (Let'er blow!)

As of March 15 contributions for the RAISE OUR ROOF campaign total $21,565, representing 141 givers in amounts from $10 to $1000. THANK YOU!

We have grant applications and corporate proposals underway, but nothing counts like YOUR gifts. When we report how many people are giving to those funders, it makes a difference. Please keep those gifts coming in.

Today we signed the contract for our new roof, believing - and knowing - that our members, friends and supporters will come through. YOU are the "how and the why" we are here!

If you haven't already, NOW would be an important time to be part of making sure we are ready for the next storm!

The roofers are scheduled to begin work May 1. We need your help.

Follow this link to make your donation!