We have a persistent problem - - TRASH!

Down East, like many other areas around the state and country, has a persistent problem; and the problem is trash along our roadways. It is definitely a huge problem - but one that we can control as WE are the real problem.

Last week, a crew came through the area and picked up all the trash along the road, including the ditches. It didn’t take 24 hours before the trash began to pile up again. In my yard alone, there are plastic drink bottles, soft drink cans, paper bags, and plastic bags. If you look on the east side of the Ward’s Creek Bridge, you will see a couple of chairs and other trash that someone has dropped off in the marsh. If only they had driven a few more miles, they could have actually disposed of the items at the convenience site!

Now along the Harkers Island Road, you will see the “LITTERING IS ILLEGAL” signs erected, again as they were some years ago, indicating a $1,000 fine for littering. This should serve as a warning to all about the cost of throwing out their trash.

However, signs alone will not help curb the amount of trash people are throwing out of their car windows. It will take each of us reminding our friends, family, and neighbors that discarding trash out of their car windows impacts us all and makes our communities look “trashy.”

I challenge residents and visitors alike to make an effort to remind folks about making sure trash is disposed of properly - - and not out the window!